Meet CNM Development

Meet CNM Development Des Plaines - Carrie & Jeff

Jeff Tondola - CNM Development OwnerJeffrey TondolaOwner and Project Coordinator
Before starting CNM Development, Jeff spent almost 10 years as a municipal building inspector.  It was his job to catch the mistakes contractors were making.  He earned numerous certifications as a building inspector and has a vast knowledge of building and safety codes. He also has years of experience as a licensed home inspector, finding major and minor problems with properties before they are sold.  He knows what to look for and how to fix it. It is his mission to change people’s opinions of contractors, one customer at a time.

“It doesn’t have to cost more to get it done right the first time.”

Carrie CNM DevelopmentCarrie Tondola Owner and Public Relations Specialist
A counselor at heart, Carrie utilizes her past experience in the public relations field to make sure each customer has a positive experience with CNM development.

It is her mission to greatly surpass customer expectations with amazing customer service that goes hand in hand with the high quality work that Jeff always delivers.

“We are in the business of helping people.  When our work is done we want our customers to be more than just satisfied…we want them to be ecstatic!”


Jeff and Carrie reside in Des Plaines with their daughter, Allyson and their two Chihuahuas, Max and Irma.

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