Repairs & Home Maintenance

Leaky Faucet - Plumbing Repair Des PlainesIt’s the height of inconvenience when something in your house or workplace isn’t working right. When your heat or air conditioning is on the fritz, if your drains are clogging up and leaking, or any other part of your house is causing problems, you just want it corrected as soon as possible. You have enough to worry about already – dealing with the basic systems in your house shouldn’t be added to your list.

That’s where CNM Development comes in. We work with licensed and accredited professionals to correct your plumbing, electric or HVAC issues – and get them corrected with a minimum of stress on your part. We also look at the root of the problem, to make sure that you won’t be seeing the same issue time and time again. Whereas other contractors may just return your house to its previous condition, we take care to address the cause of the problem – not just its symptoms. That way you can rest assured that you’ll have less to worry about now, and down the road.

Correcting Issues Before They Become Problems

To keep your home running properly, it’s important to find potential trouble spots and correct them before they become larger issues. If you electrical system is out of date, if your pipes are old and worn, if your furnace is reaching the end of its design life: now is the time to make corrective steps. Don’t wait for potentially dangerous flaws to cause extensive damage. CNM Development can advise on the items in your home that need maintenance now, and what the most cost-effective solution is. Because we are a full-service general contractor, we can address nearly any repair in your home – from basement to attic and everything in between.

Please fill out the form to the left for a free consultation on how we can work with you to address your home repair or maintenance project. We look forward to working with you!

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