Water Damage & Flood Repair

drainage, des plaines, flood damage, basement, water damageWhen your house receives water damage, many contractors will simply repair the damage and restore your house to its previous condition. But if the proper precautions aren’t taken, your basement could flood again, and you may end up doing the same repairs and cleanup time and time again. This is a reoccurring theme in flood-prone areas in Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Schaumburg, Skokie and Park Ridge, and home owners often become complacent to the yearly (or even more frequent!) cleanup of standing water in their basements and the damage it does to their homes.

At CNM Development, we believe there is a better way. A way that is more respectful of your time and your property.

Getting To The Root of The Problem

When water enters your home, whether from an external or internal source, that means a system has broken down. It could be a defective or under-performing sump-pump, improperly pitched gutters and landscaping, foundation cracks or many other sources. The point being: treat the cause instead of the symptoms. To really preserve your home and avoid the hassles that come with recurrent water damage, you must solve the source of the issue. That is what we focus on at CNM Development.

Please fill out the form to the left for a free consultation on how we can work with you to address your flood repair, water damage, chronic seepage or other water-related projects. We at CNM Development are experienced and specialized in all aspects of flood restoration.

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