We Only Use Licensed Roofers

Des Plaines Licensed Roofers

Having a properly constructed and maintained roof is critical in preventing a number of different problems in your home. We approach roofing with the same eye for quality and care as any other job we do, so we only use licensed roofers in our construction projects. When you’re counting on your roof to last decades, it’s critical that properly accredited professionals are doing the job. CNM Development is also a local contractor – we live and work in Des Plaines. So, whether you are in Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Shaumburg, Skokie, or any surrounding suburb you know that you’re working with a contractor who will be there to finish the job, and get your roof done right.

Roof Ventilation & Insulation

Taking care of your roof means taking care of your entire home. An improperly insulated roof can cause heat loss in the winter, and an improperly ventilated roof not only causes energy loss in warm weather, but can significantly decrease the life of your roof and contribute to moisture damage in your attic. Likewise, water damage inside your house can start with your roof – that’s why CNM Development only uses licensed roofers, and takes a holistic approach to maintaining your home. After all, any shoddy work or shortcuts taken on your roof can end up trickling down to the rest of your property.

Please fill out the form to the left for a personal consultation on how we can work with you to address all your roofing issues. We look forward to working with you.

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