Yard Drainage

Many times, when water finds its way into your home, it is due to circumstances that are actually outside of your home. “Waterproofing” your basement – as many specialty companies will do – can solve part of the problem. But if your yard is directing rainwater towards your house, it is highly likely it will find a way in again.

The diagram below depicts what happens if the topsoil going up to your house is on a negative grade. Any excess rainwater will flow towards your wall and eventually pool up against your house. Even if you can’t see it from the surface, this water has nowhere else to go, and will eventually (even if it takes years), erode its way into your house.
Water Flows Into Your Home Due to Poor Yard Drainage

The solution displayed above is a typical swale, though there are other drainage options to reduce the flow of water against your house. This is just one example of how your yard may be affecting the conditions inside your house. For a free consultation and quote to address your specific issue, please fill out the form to the left. We look forward to speaking with you.

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